Mautic Installation - Environment Check

Ready to Install!

Great! Your environment is ready for Mautic.

We have detected some minor things that we recommend changing in order to have a better Mautic experience:

  • Install and enable the imap extension to support monitored email.
  • It is recommended to secure your installation with an SSL certificate (https). Starting February 2020 Google Chrome will stop sending third-party cookies in cross-site requests unless the cookies are secure. Tracking will stop working for Mautic instances running on HTTP. Use HTTPS.
  • Enable the php_posix extension (used to colorize command line output).
  • The memory_limit setting in your PHP configuration is lower than the suggested minimum limit of 512M. Mautic can have performance issues with large datasets without sufficient memory.
  • The intl extension is not performing as expected. Please check that PHP's intl extension is installed and configured properly.
  • Configure zend.assertions = -1 in php.ini for production environments for faster and more stable execution.